Cheese Vats

We were recently commissioned to make two  cheese vats for two small dairies  ( Nortons Dairy and Gringa Dairy )

The vats are of the same design but with various small adjustments to them according to the individual cheesemakers process .P1020329

We like to talk to our customers ( old and new ) about how they make their cheese, what existing equipment they have and what they are trying to achieve, so we can give them good advice and meet their needs in an individual way that a mass-produced piece of kit would never do .


If you are reading this you probably know a bit about cheese making ,but if not please visit of friends blog at Ribblesdale Cheese to find out more.


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We get lots of requests for waxing equipment and have recently made some for two of our Customers , Dewlay Cheesemakers Ltd and J J Sandahams Ltd .  These two waxers are bespoke solutions specific to our customers requirements.


Waxers come in all sizes and levels of automation but our last two were air operated ram ones ,which mean you can load the cheese onto the tines , press two buttons and the cheese will automatically dip into the wax and return .On the other end of the scale you could have a small heated vessel and hand dip your cheese depending on how many you had to wax .

We have made the waxing bins removable so colours can be changed and provision to top up the wax as it is used.

Waxing the cheese keeps it fresh, moist and cuts dow025n on the unwanted mould growth.

The waxer shown comes with automated heat control, fully insulated panels and heat retention lids to keep heating cost to a minimum.

If you have any waxing requirements please give us a call to see if we can help.

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Tecnopack chamber L sealers

We have for sale some second hand Tecnopack chamber Lsealers , full checked, and ready for collection

Technopack chamber L sealer

The Chamber L Sealer offers sealing and shrink wrapping in one compact and economical unit, ideal for low to medium volume shrink wrapping operations. These are use for everything from Cheese packing to CD cases just put Tecnopack 550 into your search to see one in action

If this is of interest please call Greg or Brian on 01772786500

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Soft Cheese Drainer/ wedge wire

We have recently made a soft cheese drainer for a customer who wanted to place a drainer over their vat and pour curds over the drainer letting the whey fall through the wedge wire  and leaving the curd undamaged ready for pushing into the moulds

Soft Cheese Drainer

The picture shows a 2 inch RJT  bend which can be attached to a pipe on a vat for delivery of curd, but alternatively you could easily pour the curd over the drainer . The application is for soft cheese as it retains a lot of the moisture and keep the curd in its cut shape undamaged.From the feedback we have had this is helping increase yield and give a better quality of product.If you are interested in this type of equipment please give Greg or Brian a call  on 01772786500

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Finished new dairy Insallation for Mr J Bradley of Derby Hill Dairy Ltd

We have finished installing John Bradleys ( of Derby Hill Dairy ), new dairy for production and bottling of poly and glass bottles.

Derby Hill Dairy empty new building

As you can see we had a blank canvas to start with

John Bradley is proud of his dairy and rightly so. It has given him higher production capabilities whilst keeping to his particularly high hygiene standards.

The installation consisted of installing

  • plate pasteurizer
  • homogenizer
  • separator
  • glass bottler
  • poly bottler
  • labeler
  • CIP system ( for hot washing all pipes )
  • Change plate ( for directing product the right way  ! )
  • various pumps and valves

there is lots of pipework to be welded on this type of installation and John our welder has done all the work on this to his usual high standard.

separator , balance tank, pasteuriser and pipework

The pipework can be quite a large part of the work on a dairy installation.

Change plate and steps

 The change plate is where the milk is sent to from the storage tanks and is then directed to be pasteuriser and homogenised and separated before going on to be bottled in glass and poly bottles for delivery.
More to follow in next blog

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Brake Press delivery

Bake Press being unloaded

We have recently acquires a new Brake Press to uprate our bending ability.

We can now bend up to 10mm stainless steel at 2m long on our new 140 ton press which means we can be more competitive on larger bending works

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We Are Installing a Positive Air System for a Dairy in Lancashire

Filter housing under construction

The type of positive air system we install is a system that ensures that there is a greater pressure in the dairy rooms than there is in the environment that surrounds them ( outside in most cases ).

The system makes the air cleaner by filtering the intake air through first a media filter to remove larger particles and secondly a series of Anti Bacterial filters that capture any airborne contaminates.

 These systems are usually combined with heating or cooling control and can give accurate temperatures helping irradiate moisture problems  and giving a clean working environment.

We have installed five of these types of system for large cheese making operations.

If you are interested in this type of system and would like to see one in operation, please contact Brian or Greg on 01772 786 500.

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